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lunes, mayo 24, 2004

Artículos TechNet actualizados en esta semana para Exchange. 

Aqui os expongo los últimos artículos aparecidos o modificados en TechNet y relacionados con Exchange.

Algunos contienen información muy interesante sobre diversos errores comunes.

Exchange 2000 Server

812592 How and when to manipulate Exchange transaction logs in disaster recovery

839520 The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service crashes when you try to move a mailbox folder in Exchange 2000 Server

330475 You need full mailbox access to change mailbox rights after you install Exchange 2000 SP3

300512 Cannot log on to OWA through Netscape Communicator

830906 The Directory Service Access component, the Recipient Update Service component, and the Categorizer component do not time out as expected in Exchange 2000 Server or in Exchange Server 2003

820117 The "Apply content settings to non-MAPI clients" option does not work in Exchange 2000 Server

264161 Event is not logged when a message is deleted

Exchange Server 5.5

841658 Free and busy information for a resource must be re-posted in the calendar after a cross-site mailbox move in Exchange Server 2003

841091 Characters that are not supported for object names in Exchange

840010 You receive an error message when try to install Outlook Web Access from an Exchange 5.5 CD

836063 Event 13004 is logged every time a POP3 client is authenticated

826767 Event ID 3079 appears in the application log and public folder replication stops working in Exchange Server 5.5

836862 A CDO thread may go into an infinite loop when you try to programmatically create an appointment in Exchange Server 5.5

A disfrutar !

Benjamin Mateos


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