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sábado, mayo 15, 2004

Webcast para la lucha contra el SPAM en Exchange 2003. 

Este Webcast fué presentado el pasado día 11 de Mayo y como he estado un poco "liado" no pude publicarlo antes. Espero que os sea de ayuda...

Fighting spam using Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. Webcast.

Mohammad Nadeem

Problem Control Engineer (CPR)
Escalation Services
Microsoft Corporation

Mohammad Nadeem is member of the Texas Messaging team with expertise in the Exchange transports area. He has been a technical lead and has supported all versions of Exchange.
Mohammad has 6 years of experience with Exchange and 10 years of experience in the information technology industry. He is the author of several white papers, advanced troubleshooters, and articles about complex topics.
He also develops and delivers training to internal Microsoft support personnel. Mohammad currently is a member of Exchange Escalation Services, and deals with critical situation cases and debugging.
He also coaches, trains, and mentors technical leads and engineers.

- Se empezó hablando sobre el problema mundial en lo que se ha convertido el SPAM y las últimas novedades en las que Microsoft se ha embarcado para minimizar sus efectos.

- Como luchar contra el Spam (Exchange 2003 y Outlook como cliente).

- Se han comparado las diferencias y similitudes entre el Spam y los últimos virus.

- El problema principal al que se enfrentan las empresas es a los falsos positivos !.

- Exchange 2003 trae muchas opciones por defecto para evitar el Spam por defecto (Solo usuarios autenticados pueden mandar a las listas de distribucion, filtra mensajes en blanco, etc).

- Soporta integración de herramientas de terceros más fácilmente.

- También se ha hablado sobre Exchange IMF el nuevo producto Anti-spam de Microsoft que se integra con Exchange 2003.

- Hay que tener en cuenta ha quien y donde dejamos nuestras direcciones de email.

Artículos de Referencia.


Restringir direcciones IP

Legislación/leyes sobre Spam

United States: spam laws http://www.spamlaws.com/us.html
European Union: spam laws http://www.spamlaws.com/eu.html
Other countries: spam laws http://www.spamlaws.com/world.html

Announced Exchange Edge Services.

Focus on perimeter services.

Microsoft is committed to ending the spam epidemic.

The Microsoft Exchange Intelligent Message filter.


Question: Will be Intelligent Message Filter available to customers who didn?t enroll in Software Assurance?

Question: If an I/P address is on the RBL, is it automatically blocked?

Question: What is the address for the Intelligent Message Filter download?

Question: This is a quote from MS Web Site "Intelligent Message Filter, scheduled for release in 2004, will be available exclusively to customers enrolled in Software Assurance." How about that? http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/techinfo/security/imfoverview.asp.

Question: Does "Trust e-mails from Contacts Option" only apply to primary email? Can we change that?

Question: What does "all members are internal" mean? What if someone is using POP to pull mail from exchange (slide 30) ADDON: So we're talking about Custom Recipients?

Question: In the meantime, while IMF is being released, do you recommend that we should go ahead and install Exchange 2003 standard at the gateway level and simply install IMF when it is released?

Question: I want to deal with NDR's at the gateway, to reduce consumed bandwidth utilization, in addition to the obvious subsequent resource strain on downstream servers. You mentioned that enabling AD lookup at the gateway has a cost associated, including directory harvest attacks. This is a real problem for us, in fact we estimate that 80% of inbound mail is destined to invalide recipients. What is the best way to deal with this as we are architecting our Exchange 2003 environment.

Question: IMF is a critical component. However, if the server goes down what happen? Does Microsoft recoomends a failover box? Please address point of failures. Thank you

Question: What are the actual anti-spam solutions on Microsoft company ? Any documentation available on OTG implementation ?

Question: We are currently using a windows 2003 server as a simple SMTP relay in our screened subnet. Should we replace it with a installation of Exchange 2003 standard edition to be our new relay?

Question: Do you think that Exchange 2003 Can be configured to be equal or better then a hardware spam filter or another software filter, Another words is it good enough to be ran as the only spam filter? or just another filter?

Question: is there a knowledge artice describing in detail the configuration for the 2003 exchange server paramters

Question: will IMF support the version of Exchange in Small Business Server 2003

Un saludo.
Benjamin Mateos


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