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jueves, junio 17, 2004

Support WebCast: An overview of Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 1. 

Hoy era el día de un nuevo evento a través de Internet, relacionado con las nuevas características de Exchange 2003 Service Pack 1.

TechNet Support WebCast: An overview of Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 1

Tenía bastante interés en él, pero una vez conectados no había forma de eschuchar nada y menos entender (y no es que yo no entienda el Inglés ;-)) es que tenian problemas de sonido.

Desde aquí os podeís descargar la presentación en Powerpoint sobre el tema:


Aquí teneís el enlace a lo que se corrige con este Service Pack:

List of fixes in Exchange 2003 SP1

Y aquí os pongo todas las preguntas que se han realizado sobre ello:

Question: Still can't hear it on the phone - very low sound
Answer: Thank you. We're working on the volume.
Question: Sound is bad. But I´m in Spain. No, no for International calls !!! Any other solution ?
Private Answer: We will have an archive available here within 24 hours, if you are unable to hear the audio during the live session: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=839816 - thanks!
Question: Many sites are apparently getting an error during the upgrade while registering e2kdsn.dll. Is this a known issue?
Question: Does DU4 need to be installed manually or is is part of the SP1 installation?
Question: Is the Managed RPC/HTTP topology the only featrue of Exchange 2003 SP1 that cannot be configured for a single-server environment, or do ALL features require separate front-end and back-end servers?
Question: y all the Event ID 2008 SDPROP errors? System in Native mode.
Question: Re: ACD tools - do we need to update the tool on our DC/GC if we have them established and if so, will our existing CAs need to be re-created?
Question: During the recent Domain Rename webcast, the presenter said the XDR-Fixup utility is independent of SP1. Is this true, or the XDR-Fixup utility requires SP1?
Question: What ports need to be opened on the firewall between the front-end and back-end Exchange 2003 servers, both with sp1, if the front-end server is an OWA server?
Question: Does the Auto Accept Agent require the individual booking a meeting to have Edit permissions to the calendar?
Question: Where is specific documentation for the SP1 Auto Accept Agent? Where can I find a single article describing all SP1 changes in detail?
Question: Any SPAM filter and Virus protection which MS would recommend, preferably that already has hooks in the program? And does the SPAM filtering built in learn from these BADMAIL journaling?
Question: Why isn´t IMF supported on clusters?
Question: How do I read or consult the SCL rating of a particular message?
Question: Is WR1 part of SP1? What's the difference?
Question: Will client certificates ever be supported for RPC over HTTP to authenticate the machine in addition to the user?
Question: Does E2K3 Server SP1 provide any enhancements like RPC thread prioritization for prioritizing RPC requests from online MAPI clients over background sync. requests from cached mode clients?
Question: 1- How to configure RPC/HTTP on a single server. Any articles ?? 2- Can we know what devices has been added for "Device Update 4" on OMA ?
Answer: Thanks for the question! We'll go ahead and take this one offline for you.
Question: What is a best practice setup for IMF on a single Exchange 2003 server
Question: I had McAfee Spamkiller instaled on my Exchange 2003 server. After installing IMF, no junkmeail was moved to the users Junk e-mail folder. Is IMF compatiable with 3rd party spam filtering solutions?
Question: Does the IMF use a black list to update the ACL's?
Question: In what order do you add the sp1 and wr1 releases to exchange 2003
Question: I noticed that when I added SP1 to my clustered environment it erased my certs
Question: Is IMF only included in WR1 ? If yes, can you apply IMF to the non WR of SP1?
Question: The OWA Web Admin; allows the configuration of OWA via web. What about allowing general Exchange admin i.e. Exchange System Manager via web? Will that ever be available?
Question: where can I find the new owa admin tools? Thanks.
Question: does SP1 include the tools in the E2003 All in one toolset (ExAllTools.exe)? 2nd question: I've noticed that mb manager will send user notification even if no messages are moved. this differs from Exchange 5.5 where user notification was only sent if messages were actually moved.
Question: How do you install on a xp client to get new system manager tool?
Question: can sp1 be slipstreamed to install new server?
Question: is this product going to beuser friendly meaning , I am a beginning server developer , and I was wondering if someone e.g. my brother could go out and pick this product up and begin using it , or would they need a fairly large knowdledge of microsoft exchage server 2003.
Question: I have been getting MANY errors regarding offline address book after migrating from 2000, is there known issues?
Question: Microsoft adverties that SP1 will fix -1018 error by flipping bit, but is that wise to leave with -1018 error in your Data base? is it really fixes it or it's more tolrent?
Question: Has the IPM.NOTE/IPM.POST issue in public folders been addressed in SP1?
Question: Will RPC over HTTP ever be available to Windows 2000 Professional clients?
Question: Is there a recommended order for applying SP1 - i.e., Front end first, back ends second, etc. What about SRS servers and servers running ADCs?
Question: Any memory management improvements? I'm seeing paged pool exchaustion isses on a server that has heavy OWA usage (1000+ Concurrent OWA users) Server is running with /3GB /UserVA=3030
Answer: Thanks for the question! We'll go ahead and take this one offline for you.
Question: What ports need to be opened for Exchange 2003 to work in AD if the machine is in DMZ (firewall)?
Question: What is the required Exchange server setup to install Internet Message Filter on a server in the DMZ? This is referring to having a separate Exchange Store on the LAN.
Answer: Thanks for the question! We'll go ahead and take this one offline for you.
Question: SP1 came out with a suite of migration tools, can you explain alittle into these tools and how they compare to 3rd party migration tools that already exists?
Question: How often will the IMF technology be updated? Will it need to be updated like virus scanning software as new SPAM techniques are discovered?
Question: Is there a new document for deploying E2K3 SP3 clusters?
Question: By default resource mailboxes can be configured to do meeting conflict resolution. We've been doing this since running Outlook 2000 on Exchange 5.5. What improvements does the "Auto accept agent" offer. Is this agent part of the core Exchange software. Will this agent always be kept uptodate as MS brings out new releases ?
Question: You talked about a script for badmail cleanup, is this part of Web Realease 1?. About RPC over HTTP, does SP1 support UPN authentication?, or, will it be supported in the future?
Question: Is it possible to have users logon to one owa and get access to their mailbox even if the users mailbox is on another exchange server
Question: Will SP1 help Full Text INdexing to work better with Outlook 2003 Cached Mode? When Outlook is in Cached Mode, it doesn't use FTI properly.
Question: With E2k3 SP1 it should be possible to migrate a multisite Exchange 5.5 Network (75 sites) through a single site connection to a E2k3SP1 Server (Directory Services). Is there furthermore Information how to do this on the web?
Question: Is the "Outlook profile update tool" ExProfRe.exe only included in WR1? And how does it differ from the Profmod.exe tool?
Question: What is Exchange sp1 equivalent for sbs2003?
Question: Can Exchange 2003 OWA be setup to view the Global Address List when composing new e-mail messages (without having to do a find for the user )...similar to what you have in Outlook? Ideally I would like to be able to list all users in the GAL when composing new e-mail messages in OWA
Question: What are the key requirements to do a cross administration group user move with SP1?
Question: What are the HotFixes for Windows 2003 required to install Exchange 2003 SP1?
Question: In SBS2003 I am having a problem where the messages stop flowing and the queues just build. The only resolution is to reboot the machine. Trying to restart the SMTP service will lock up the computer. Will SP1 fix this. It happens on 2 of the 5 install I have done.
Question: I'm running Win Server 2003 Ent Edition with Ex 2003 and I have 5GB RAM in my server, is this a waste or are there any switches besides /3GB /Userva=3030 that can help utilize this extra RAM. I only see references to machines that have 4GB RAM and no more.
Question: is there improvements in ADC after sp1, while using One-WAY connection agreement from AD to Exchange5.5
Answer: Thanks for the question! We'll go ahead and take this one offline for you.
Question: Can you install Exchange SP1 on a Small Business Server 2003 standard?
Question: Is E2K3, intra-site, server to server smtp message routing encrypted over the wire?
Question: Does Exchange 2003 or Outlook have any future for MULTIPLE public store trees available to outlook vs only MAPI?
Question: Are there any issues with moving 5.5 mail to exchange 2003 servers if users are still on NT4.0 in another trusted domain
Question: what kind of issues have you had with SP1 as far as the functionality of Exchange 2003- how much should we test this in another computer before installing it?
Question: Does Internet Message Filter need to be installed on a front-end server?
Question: On an Exchange 2003 cluster (active / passive), with Symantec Anti-Virus loaded on each node.... Failover takes a long time and usually fails. I generally stop the AV service in order to do this. Is there an improvement in SP1 handles failover better.
Question: What are the benefits of installing SP1, and what major problems does it fix. I ask this because i am currently having major problems with disappearing Meeting from people's calendars.
Question: Why the STORE.EXE takes so much memory? I have a 100 mailbox and the store.exe is taking 650MB of RAM!
Question: Does E2K3 SP1 provide for using a one-way connection agreement between 5.5 sites and a new 2003 site? (necessary to buy time to clean up 5.5 sites)
Question: Wouldn't such large use of Private Bytes not mask potential memory leaks in store.exe?
Question: What has changed with SP1 on how to configure RPC over HTTP on the Global Catalog servers? ie NCACN_http registry entries
Question: Where do we find a full list of all the changes/fixes/... in SP1?

Bueno, en unas tres semanas se publicará el transcript y el video del evento para los que se lo han perdido.

Un saludo.
Benjamin Mateos


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