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domingo, octubre 10, 2004

Ultimas actualizaciones TechNet 

Las últimas actualizaciones de documentos TechNet relacionados con Exchange se encuentran a continuación:

867644 The "Planning an Exchange Server 2003 messaging system" guide is available

867711 The "Using ISA Server 2000 with Exchange Server 2003" technical article is available

867646 The "Exchange Server 2003 interoperability and migration guide" is available

842227 The Mailbox Merge Program renames special folders to the source folder name in Exchange Server 2003

265139 How to enable SMTP protocol logging in Exchange 2000 Server and in Exchange Server 2003

843107 How to use the pfMigrate tool to perform a cross-site public folder move operation in Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 1

885955 The population of a public folder full-text index does not complete in Exchange Server 2003

870822 The "Exchange Server 2003 cluster configuration checklist" document is available

867710 The "Writing managed sinks for SMTP and transport events" document is available

834318 Exchange monitoring tools incorrectly report that SMTP queues have a critical queue length in Exchange 2000 Server

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