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lunes, febrero 28, 2005

Artículos publicados recientemente de interés. 

Los siguientes artículos se han publicado o modificado recientemente.

Exchange Server 2003

891509 A memory leak condition occurs when you create a CDO program or a MAPI32 program to log on or log off many mailboxes in Exchange Server 2003 SP1
891504 When you try to move or to remove a folder that contains many subfolders in Outlook, the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service stops responding, and event 9673 is recorded
893705 You receive the "An invalid dn syntax has been specified" error message when you use the Recover Mailbox Data wizard to restore a mailbox from a recovery storage group in Exchange Server 2003
885281 You receive an "Out of virtual memory" error message after you enable the Envelope Journaling feature in Exchange Server 2003 SP1
891438 Inetinfo.exe may quit when Exchange Server 2003 uses SMTP, SSL, and the Sender Filtering option
872822 A global event sink is not triggered after you restart the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service in Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 1
893707 You cannot use client certificates that are installed on the PocketPC device to authenticate when you connect by using EAS
889525 An e-mail message stays in the Outbox and the Exchange Server 2003 transaction log files grow when an Entourage user tries to send a message that exceeds the size limit in Global Settings
825040 Exchange Server Migration Wizard may crash when you use it to migrate Exchange Server 5.5 mailboxes to .pst files

Exchange 2000 Server

891121 In-Reply-To fields are lost when you move a mailbox in Exchange 2000 Server
188676 XADM: Log Stalls/sec Are Regularly Greater Than 0 (Zero)
885924 You receive the "unable to display the folder" error message when Outlook 2003 user tries to open another user's folder
824054 Users cannot send e-mail messages between Exchange Server 5.5 and Exchange 2000 Server, and the Exchange 2000 server logs event 9297 on the MTA

Exchange Server 5.5

194811 Access Violation in Store.exe in Exchange Server
262041 Data is missing from the database after an online restore
259282 How to remove accounts that have invalid characters
203646 You receive error message 8004010f-0501-00000000 when you navigate public folder hierarchy
890763 The FROM box in an e-mail message displays only question marks in Exchange Server 5.5
196850 Viewing hidden or deleted Exchange objects via ADSI/LDAP

Espero que os sirvan !
Benjamin Mateos


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